Wednesday, September 18, 2013

App crashes on iOS 7 - is your App iOS 7 ready?

The beautiful iOS 7 is here, and it is indeed as good to use as claimed by Apple's marketing team; I'm playing with it since last night and the more I use it more I fall in love with it! :) It's truly a flat "catchy" design.

However, most of us must be seeing that some of our favorite apps are crashing on it, well the reason is simple - those App publishers haven't yet upgraded their Apps to be compatible to iOS 7. Many of these App development companies must be already working on this, though there could still be few who haven't started on it yet.

A good news from my side is that we, at Agicent have already started working on upgrading the Apps that we've created for our customers as a third party app development agency for iOS 7 compatibility, flat design, and utilizing the new features of iOS 7. It is anyways not a time (or cost) consuming process as such, a few days to week mostly (depending upon you just want iOS 7 compatibility or more than that) and your App is iOS 7 ready.

As per Crittercism, a company which handles app performance management for many major app makers, including LinkedIn, Netflix, and Pinterest, 80% of current iOS users are likely to switch to iOS 7 within three months, so it is high time that all App publishers should finish (or start) their iOS 7 compatibility work quickly. If you don't have an in-house team then hire any of the dedicated iOS App development companies today and get the ball rolling in no time.

Feel free to contact, in case you have any questions/ concerns regarding your iOS App development project or you are looking for any consulting or iPhone App development services.



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